Finncon'07 - The Beast Within

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University of Jyväskylä, Main Building and the Seminar hill, 14th to 15th July, 2007 As a part of Jyväskylä Arts Festival. Also at the same time and place Animecon V.

Guests of honour:

Speeches, wolves, panels, movies, sex, workshops, masquerade, aliens, parties, competitions, trolls, art exhibions, Jyväskylä Arts Festival, books, super heroes, comics and everthing else scifi and fantasy related!

Finncon is the largest science fiction and fantasy-event in Finland and in Nordic countries. Its size, organization and visibility are comparable to Eurocons' corresponding features. Finncon has been arranged since 1986. The nature of the event has its base on experiences of European and North American cons from Tom Ölander and other science fiction devotees. Finncon has always presented science fiction and fantasy widely. View has been especially on literature, but also on movies, comics, the visual arts, theatre, music and the science fiction devotees themselves, the fandom. The event is always free of charge! The Finncon in Helsinki in summer 2006 gathered over 5000 visitors. Also, at the same time there is Animecon V.

Finncon is organized in co-operation with Jyväskylä Arts Festival and Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society 42.

Press and Media! Please contact the Jyväskylä Arts Festival Press Officer before the event. Mrs. Päivi Tervonen, tel. +358-40-848 3067 (18 April - 19 May and 5 June - 18 July) e-mail: