It´s over now, thank you to all! · 17.07.2007

It's over! With careful counting we had at least 7000 single con guests.

Everything went wonderfully, though we mislocated our Guest of Honour Joe Haldeman for 24 hours before the con. Our guest of honours and their partners experienced the sauna, mime theatre, tar vodka, and are considering attending Finncon in Tampere next year.

Our programming went well. Fridays researchers meeting was fun and interesting, Science Friday was good kick to prejudices, with a grand ending on the opening of Judith Clutes and Timo Sälekivis Art exhibition.

On saturday Captain Pirk opened the "Finncon county fair" and we had a huge amount of people heading for the campus are, luckily we had several buildings for the programme of Finncon-Animecon. 4 university buildings for lectures and shows and board game event in the library. Jordan triathlons best costume price goes to the Clockwork orange group, loved the spandex!

Our Guest of Honours judged our masquerade in a fantastic way,and the audience yelled for their favourite in the chaos costume contest.

On Sunday all the amazing, fun and interesting program items followed each other. In the final program we gave on our gift from last years Finncon, the bucket of 20kg of concrete, to the next con organisers, of course in the delicate form of a cow.

A very big thanks to all the programme participants and Guest of Hounours and Special Guests! Thanks to the con-committees! Thanks to all the gophers and helping hands! It was a pleasure to see so many people from all over Finland to help and patiently advice con guests (yes, super fan Chris Bell finally got back to England, thanks for fixing the exhaust pipe Jukka and Marko!).

We hope to gather all the pics and conversations about the con on the Finncon blog.

On behalf of Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society #42, chair Irma Hirsjärvi

Hotels and floor accomodations · 30.05.2007

It seems that all the hotels in Jyväskylä center are now booked full.

There are still rooms available in Jyväskylä district:

Hotelli Vuolake
Hotelli Vuolake
Uimarannantie 2
FIN-41340 Laukaa
Phone: +358 14 833 002
Fax: +358 14 833 002

There is also Asuntohotelli Kultakenkä in Muurame:

Asuntohotelli Kultakenkä
Phone: 014 631 294
Gsm: 050 587 7450
Fax: 014 631 294
Mäkijärventie 6 B

Con is arranging a cheap floor accomodation in Valorinne (Kyllöläntie 16, Jyväskylä)

The prices are 7Eur/night (14Eur 2 nights) + until 24.6 one can reserve accomodation only for 2 nights.

Email your information (name, age, e-mail, address, phonenumber) and questions to tiina.takkunen [at]

You will get answer and more information. Contact soon!

Free accommodation

* Ask for a free accommodation on the sofa/floor of a fellow SF-fan.
* If you live near Jyväskylä and your apartment has free space, offer us a chance to fill it!

In both cases contact Paula Tulppo

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