Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman has written about two dozen novels and appears in about twenty languages, including Klingon, which he suspects will generate letters he won't want to answer. His novels The Forever War and Forever Peace won both the Nebula and Hugo Awards. He's won five Nebulas and five Hugos all together, and three times the Rhysling Award for science fiction poetry.

He also paints and plays guitar, both as a devoted amateur, and bicycles whenever the weather allows. He and his wife Gay bicycled across America, 3050 miles, 4900 kilometers, from Florida to California a few years back. When he can, he seeks out dark skies for his 12" telescope.

He teaches writing as a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology every fall semester.

His most recent novels are CAMOUFLAGE, which won the Nebula and Tiptree Awards, and OLD TWENTIETH. THE ACCIDENTAL TIME MACHINE will appear in August.