Jonathan Clements

Clements is a special guest in Animecon.

Jonathan Clements is an author and scriptwriter, whose most recent broadcast work was the BBC7 radio play *Doctor Who: Immortal Beloved*. He is the author of *Strontium Dog: Ruthless*, the only science fiction novel to feature not only a space cruiser called Mannerheim, but also a desolate, doomed world called Kajaani, and mutant bounty hunters tracking kidnappers across the planet Tammerfors. He used the Finnish language as the basis for High Martian in the audio drama *Space 1889: Red Devils*. He has been a translator, voice-actor or dubbing director on dozens of anime, including *Sol Bianca*, *The Cockpit* and *Beast Warriors*. He is the co-author of the newly updated *Anime Encyclopedia*, and the voice of reason on DVD commentary tracks including *Spriggan* and *Appleseed*.